Welcome back to the Office !

How to get the most out of IWMS and Technology to organize a good return to the office for employees? Here’s what you can do so that your employees will feel welcomed.

Information is the new gold

Historically, building managers had bulletin boards to share information with their users. Building receptions were also places where information could be obtained. Then came email with specific mailing lists, which made it easy to send information. These three historical means have something in common: information shared in this way is very difficult to find when it is needed.

Recent contributions of technology

Covid has increased the need for information. It was therefore logical for technology to develop specific solutions for the information of building users. The arrival of IWMS has allowed some major breakthroughs in this area. Users can access specific building information pages easily. These can be shared via an intranet or extranet, directly on an FM portal linked to the IWMS. This information can include room reservation systems, remote solutions linked to Covid, specific information about cleaning of the premises… They can also provide organizational information: circulation, team organization, etc.

Employee Experience Apps

Recently, companies have developed new apps linked to the IWMS that can provide users with an additional level of information. These are all mobile apps related to the employee experience. Those apps, linked to the IWMS, allow you to carry in your pocket very precious sources of information in this Covid period. You will find information related to access procedures, visitor rules, cleaning, consequences of a possible contagiousness, and many others. They allow employees, wherever they may be, to easily obtain the information they are looking for.


Today, employees spend the majority of their work time at home. In this context, this kind of application is very interesting because it ensures the continuity of connection between home and office. It solves all the issues related to accessing the specific information they need regarding office occupancy and their own return to the office. The information they get from this source can come from general services, human resources, security, legal and many other departments. With this IWMS-based technology, which has progressed by linking to other corporate services, employees have an extremely powerful, centralized and portable tool.

Welcome back to the Office !

If you are in the process of organizing the return of your employees to the office, you will of course have a lot of practical details to solve, such as disinfection, cleaning, changing the layout of the offices with the distance etc.In order to keep your users informed and take the measure of all that is done so that they can enjoy a safe and easy return to the office, don’t hesitate to go the way of mobile apps. These will allow you to share all your efforts and solutions with your users.  There are a lot of solutions directly available on the market, and it is very likely that one of them will work with your current systems.

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Welcome back to the Office !
Welcome back to the Office !

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