IWMS Technology Roadmap

IWMS Technology Roadmap Services are designed to help you sort through your current IWMS solutions and configurations in order to determine the action/convergence plan for the next few years:

– Every business naturally evolves towards increasing complexity.
– There always comes a time when organic growth needs to be reoriented and streamlined.

We will assist you in a structured and already successfully applied approach in evaluating your current IWMS landscape, in order to determine how to orient it for the years to come:

– Assessing the value of each piece of the solution in place
– Evaluation of duplicate, unsatisfactory solutions
– Assessment of gaps
– Defining the general features of the elements to be added
– 3 to 5 year plan defining the logical steps to be accomplished and an estimate of the costs.

At the end of the roadmap, you will know which parts of your current configuration are worth keeping and expanding, and which parts should be removed or replaced.




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